Welcome to CrossFit Apogee!

We are a CrossFit gym full of working adults of all ages working hard in the gym so we can play the long game of life to the best of our ability. We come to Apogee to get to Coached well by Certified Level I and Level II CrossFit Coaches. Our Coach’s coach our athletes in to proper body positions in their movements. We work to improve technique and form so we can accomplish more in our workouts as well as our lifts – to use the appropriate muscles, to move the appropriate weight the correct and safe way.


Well, CrossFit is a fitness protocol that utilizes 3 disciplines

1) Olympic Weightlifting

2) Body-weight Gymnastics

3) Cardio.

Our Workouts are delivered in class or group fitness settings, lead by a Certified CrossFit Coach. In our gym, our typical day has a Warm-up, Strength or Skill session and the Workout of the Day (WOD). The Coach is there to demonstrates movements before hand, review technique and help set appropriate weight or movement changes for the athletes. Then he/she oversees and watches the athletes as the do their work, to ensure they are moving properly.

It is essentially, Personal Training at Group Training prices. So, doing the math, once you start at 12 sessions per month for $135.00, that equates to $11.25 per class. And what you get is

  • Daily Warm-up, Strength & Workout defined, each day, for you. You just show up and work.
  • A certified, trained, very experienced Coach showing you how to do the movements, explaining the workouts and watching to coach you in to better movement patterns.
  • Utilization of World Class equipment to train on: Rogue International, Valor Fitness, Concept II, Assault Fitness
  • World Class CrossFit Programming from NCFit (formerly NorCal Fit).
  • Gym Tracking App – SugarWOD to track your progress
  • A highly supportive group of open minded members that all remember what was like to start CrossFit and all who want to help you on your journey…(#It’sTrueLookItUp)
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