Hey Apogee Tribe! As in years past, we are going to have a great Open! This year, we are going to mix things up some to make things more interesting.


Register at games.crossfit.com


Complete the WOD independently during the regular class time on Fridays, or join a team and do the WOD during SaturdayShowtime!


Friday’s WOD will be the 2018 Crossfit Open WOD. If you want your score to count as an official score for the 2018 CrossFit Open, make sure you get a judge to complete an official 2018 CrossFit Open Score Card while you complete the WOD. Both you and your judge have to sign your Score Card for your score to count.

Apogee Teams or non-registered athletes that are part of one of the 2 teams below will complete the official 2018 CrossFit Open WOD during heats every Saturday or Regular class time providing they have a judge.


  • Dumbbells & Donuts
  • Barbells & Bacon

Team Points will work as follows:

  • 1 point for each team that completes a WOD
  • 1 point for an individual that completes the WOD as part of a team
  • 1 point for the team or individual that gets 3rd place during weeks 1-5
  • 2 points for the team or individual that gets 2rd place during weeks 1-5
  • 3 points for the team or individual that gets 1st place during weeks 1-5
  • 3 points for the team that wins spirit points for each week
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