Now that our 2 weeks of testing is complete, I want to say ‘great job’ to everyone of you.  We had PR’S every day for 2 weeks which means you guys are really working hard, and it is paying off. Now that we have a baseline we can start working on our weaknesses and measure our progress during the coming weeks.

We are going to try and mix things up by having you play with all the equipment we have and learning some new mobility tips and tricks as we go along.   Remember to trust the process and never be scared to try new things, lift that little bit heavier, push that little harder, run little further, and also introduce a new activity occasionally.

Injuries and Mobility

As mentioned we will be introducing a little bit more mobility in our daily routines and this should be taken seriously as it can help prevent injuries by preparing our bodies for the work we are about to do during regular classes, so don’t skimp on this.  Below are some images of how to do banded stretches correctly.

img_5242 img_5243

img_5246 img_5248

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