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As you know we predominantly use Comptrain as our base for programming and then we spice it up to match your abilities so that we try and get the best results and make sure we improve all the time. Well in the order to make sure we stay true to the CrossFit methodology of “Constantly varied …” we are going to switch things up for a little bit.  Who’s excited?

Ok so starting next week we will start using another amazing athlete and coaches programming with the name of Rich Froning, the champ. You might have seen one or two items from his arsenal of awesomeness in the last week “Row Like Froning”

Now with any program, it takes time to start seeing the differences and performance improvements so please trust us and trust the process. Some days are going to suck and some days are going to be your JAM so hang in there!   Also, you will start seeing some optional work that you as an athlete can choose to do or not, these items are to be done after class / open gym as long as it does not interfere with regular classes and athletes.

RAGNARIANS – You will also start seeing workout options that you can do instead of the WOD that day, this is to add a smidge of running to your training that you might not have included till now.

As always you guys ROCK! And if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me or any of our coaches at any time.

The boX-Files

The Legend of Don Moss and The Apogee Tribe

Before the sun rises each weekday morning, at the corner of the Kings Lake Center, a wall of windows reveals the early risers who are starting their day off with fitness. Less than five years ago, this corner slept in darkness until the later hours of the morning. What caused the change? Don Moss, a man with a vision, and that vision not only brightened the corner of Big Bend Road and Kings Lake Drive, but also brightened the lives of those who chose to walk through those doors and join the tribe- The Apogee Tribe.


Don Moss was first introduced to CrossFit in 2010, while he was serving in Iraq. Of all the WODs that Don could have stumbled into, his first WOD is one of the most grueling WODs known to CrossFitters- Fight Gone Bad. After the three rounds were up, and Don recovered from his WODirium, the makings of a vision starting to form within Don’s mind. Don wanted to show people how to become stronger, faster, healthier, and happier. Don’s vision was to provide a place where people could discover the warrior within each of them.

Once back in the states, Don earned his CF-L1 Trainer status. Soon after, Don started to help people positively recreate their lives by coaching free Saturday classes at the Panther Trace athletic field. These classes quickly grew in attendance, so Don decided that he needed to offer more CrossFit classes at another location. Don transformed the garage of his own house into a fully affiliated CrossFit box which grew with rapid success. Don then faced the realization that he needed a larger to facility to meet the needs of his members and provide the opportunity for more growth. The search for the right space led to Kings Lake Center, and that’s where Cross Fit Apogee’s roots took ground in December of 2013.

Now, close to four and a half years later, CrossFit Apogee continues to thrive at the corner of King’s Lake Drive and Big Bend Road. Since the first class was held, the Apogee Tribe has become a community of warriors. These warriors have conquered seen and unseen obstacles, all because of the tribe’s first leader who cleared the path before them. CrossFit Apogee members have wonderful stories to share of what they have overcome all thanks to the people they have met at the box. CrossFit Apogee is a place where accountability partners were formed, new friendships were made, and families developed new bonds. All of these advantageous rewards are the result of the vision of Don Moss.

Soon Don and his family will be starting a new journey away from the land where the Sandhill Cranes reign and the palm trees sway, but wherever CrossFit Apogee is represented, Don’s vision will shine. Whether at a road race, a CrossFit competition, or even a handstand walk at the beach…the Apogee Tribe is a reflection of the man who started it all.


Thank you Don. Thank you for all your pre-WOD jokes and morning class shenanigans. Thank you for your festive spirit and variety of costumes fit for every Apogee occasion. Thank you for the Donnick videos. Thank you for your coaching and encouragement. Thank you for sharing your vision with us. Thank you for your friendship. We will always be your Apogee Tribe.

The boX-Files

The CrossFit Games Open
Two Thousand Eighteen

Apogee on Big Bend
Had athletes on scene

PR bell awoken
For new skills or clean

Fears and doubts broken
Great effort was seen

Some things unexpected
Some movements were new

No WOD was rejected
The members stayed true

All standards respected
Some chose to redo

The scorecards collected
What members could do

Cool sponsors and vendors
Had freebies to share

Knickerbocker’s pictures
Caught moments so rare

Like athlete endeavors
A pig in mid-air

Plus Apogee members
In a donut chair

Four athletes were chosen
To put on display

And moments were frozen
On the ‘gram one day

Each post with a caption
All thanks to our Jay

Even more emotion
From the Main site cache

Just for hilarity
There was No Rep Rex

Announcements were witty
Facebook Live finesse

All for the clarity
Hashtags in excess

Café for charity
Was quite a success

A big THANKS to Castro
The WODs pushed us hard

We helped each other grow
And let down our guard

We let each other know
Look past the Scorecard

Because success will glow
When done from the heart

The boX-Files

Be the Unexpected

So here we are, the 2018 Reebok CrossFit Games Open is upon us; we are #intheopen. Excitement and anticipation are slowly transforming into apprehension because Dave Castro said, “Expect the unexpected.” What does that mean?! Let’s be honest; #TDC clues are a code that has yet to be cracked. Here’s my take on Dave Castro’s statement; don’t be rattled by the word “unexpected.” Be the unexpected!

CrossFit is about fitness, and it is also about community. The CrossFit Open is a time for box members to encourage each other in new ways. This year, CrossFit Apogee is holding a weekly Saturday Showdown during the CrossFit Open. What’s great about this event is that it brings members from all the weekly class times together at once. This provides an opportunity for new friendships to form. We have so many awesome members at our box, and we’ll all have a chance to make CrossFit memories together during The Open.

Do something unexpected for a boxmate during the CrossFit Open this year. Create a poster for someone, and hold it up high during the WOD. Belt out a cheer, and encourage others to join in. Take some pics of boxmates in action, then post them on social media, praising them for their awesome efforts. Have a cold FITAID waiting for a boxmate post WOD. Make some tasty Paleo treats, and bring them to the gym for spectators to snack on. Send encouraging texts to boxmates during the week with specific accolades on what they did during 18.1, 18.2, 18.3, 18.4, and 18.5! When you see the look of defeat upon a boxmate’s face toward the end of a WOD, scream your heart out for them, or (if there’s space) join in their suffering for their last reps! Be the unexpected!

Additionally, as athletes, let’s push each other past our self-made limitations. Let’s WOD harder and smarter. Whether it is moving just a teensie bit faster, taking shorter breaks between sets, skipping that chug of water, or sprinting through the last 10 seconds of the WOD…accomplish the unexpected; revel in the unexpected! Be in the unexpected!

So here’s to us; let’s join together and make the 2018 Reebok CrossFit Games Open a memorable event for our box! Let’s show up and show off at the Saturday Showdown! We’ve trained for this! We can do this! Let’s sweat out some reps, cheer each other on, and have fun together as a community. Let’s Be the Unexpected!


Contact us anytime to get started!

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