Maja - Weightlifting & Gymnastics

 Maja Maja has always been active, seeking new challenges that push her to her physical limits. It all started in high school where she participated in track and gymnastics. She began to feel pain in her lower back and down her legs whenever she finished a sprint and no matter how hard she tried, she could not keep her handstand straight during her gymnastics floor routine. The doctor diagnosed her with scoliosis with a spinal curvature at 19 degrees. This did not deter her, as she continued to pursue ways to become stronger and more flexible. She took up yoga and pilates, and often attended boot camp classes at her local gym, until one day a group of her fellow English teachers introduced her to CrossFit. She was immediately hooked! A chance to improve her fitness level and bond with others seeking to better themselves was all she needed. Three years down the road she decided to become a coach so that she can help guide others towards their fitness goals.

Maja CrossFits because…

Thanks to CrossFit not only did her posture improve as her core got stronger, Maja’s overall health improved, making chronic back and leg pain a thing of the past.

Maja’s most favorite CrossFit movement:

Sumo-DeadLift High Pull

Maja’s least favorite CrossFit movement:

Strict (weighted) Pull-ups

Maya coaches because…
Helping empower those that feel they are not strong enough or fit enough by helping them overcome their insecurities through targeted and step by step coaching.

Maya’s favorite cheat meal...

Carrie - CrossFit & Lite, Kids CF, Running


I am a wife, the mom of two amazing daughters and I love our beautiful Southshore community.  I attended the very first ever 5am class at CrossFit Apogee and immediately knew that I found the perfect gym.  I grew up dancing and teaching dance classes during my High School years and switched to playing club sports like Ultimate Frisbee as an undergrad at Georgia Tech.  An avid (obsessive?) runner, I have completed numerous local races, and used the Crossfit Endurance program to complete a full Marathon, completely injury free.  As a Girls on the Run coach, I rekindled my love of instructional fitness and becoming a CrossFit coach with Apogee was the next logical step.  I absolutely love encouraging people to get up and MOVE and do their very best.  It is exceptionally rewarding to see people increase their fitness level, feel better and exceed goals they never thought possible.   

  • What got you started in CrossFit?

My nephew, Jason Elwell, fellow CrossFit coach and junkie, introduced me to CrossFit.  One WOD and I was hooked for life.  He did have to get down on the floor mid-wod – I was ‘resting’ – and ask if I was OK.  I told him I would not die… but I did finish dead last with the rest of the class cheering me on.

  • What is your favorite move/aspect of coaching/Apogee memory?

My favorite moves are those that once seemed impossible!  Completing them creates a tremendous sense of accomplishment and desire to see what else I am capable of… First it was double-unders, then toes-to-bars, and more recently chest-to-bars & pullups.  Likewise, coaching athletes to attempt and complete new moves is the most rewarding aspect of coaching.

  • What is your favorite non-CF activity/cheat meal/hobby?

Running, Pizza and Beer… not necessarily in that order


CF L1, 2019 Judges Course, Crossfit Running Workshop

Alex - Coach & Personal Trainer


Alex became a National Academy of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer in 2013. Alex started training clients in a couple of commercial gyms and also ran a few boot camp classes. After getting familiar with how things operated, Alex branched off and started to train people at their homes while also instructing boot camp classes in his local community. Around that same time, Alex joined a CrossFit gym and began attending classes regularly. He soon fell in love with CrossFit and hasn’t looked back.

Alex CrossFits because…

He feels that doing complex movements keeps things fun and interesting. Alex also feels that the CrossFit community is full of great people who push each other to be their best.

Alex coaches because…

Coaching gives him the opportunity to help people become the strongest version of themselves. Whether it’s conquering a fear of box jumps or nailing a heavy deadlift, Alex loves seeing the look on someone’s face after they accomplish a goal they have set.

Alex’s most favorite CrossFit movement:

Push-ups and double-unders

Alex’s least favorite CrossFit movement:


Alex’s cheat treat:

Donuts (bakers dozen, regular glazed)

Heather - Coach - CrossFit, Weightlifting, Running, Personal Training



What is important for us to know…

I’m a Mom, daughter, partner, friend and animal lover.
Any words of wisdom?
“As you go through life whatever be your goal, keep your eye upon the donut and not upon the hole.”
Why do you CrossFit?
I have practiced, played and participated in many sports throughout my lifetime. I enjoy the variety, functionality and challenges CrossFit affords athletes. Few activities provide the sense of community CrossFit does and this is why I do it. I love my tribe!
Why do you coach?
Nothing brings me joy like witnessing the successes of others. I coach because I truly enjoy it, on a cellular level, the accomplishments, “ah-ha” moments and smiles I see in others drives me.
What is your secret ninja exercise
Any 20+ minute WOD
What is your secret sucky exercise?
Double Unders
What is your cheat meal?
Strawberry frosted donuts…TRUE LOVE NEVER DIES!!!!!
Lisa - Coach & Nutrition


As a child, Lisa participated in farm league softball.  Toward the end of her schooling, Lisa joined the ROTC followed by the US Army, where she became more physically fit. Once out of the Army, Lisa discontinued regular exercise and began an unrestricted diet.  After reaching a weight of 200 pounds, Lisa understood the need for a healthier lifestyle. Lisa found CrossFit when looking to upgrade her fitness routine.  Lisa is now eager to share her knowledge of CrossFit and proper nutrition with other athletes in training.

Lisa CrossFits because…

She loves the universal benefits of CrossFit.  Lisa loves that elderly people can improve balance, traditional weightlifters can improve flexibility, and cardio addicts can build muscle. She also loves the tribe mentality and the camaraderie that the CrossFit community provides for its members.

Lisa coaches because…

She loves to see someone finally push past their mental roadblocks to test their physical abilities. Lisa feels that many athletes don’t believe in their abilities, and she loves to be the one to show them what amazing things they are capable of.

Lisa’s most favorite CrossFit movement:


Lisa’s least favorite CrossFit movement:


Lisa’s favorite cheat treat:

Homemade apple pie with homemade maple ice cream


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