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As you know we predominantly use Comptrain as our base for programming and then we spice it up to match your abilities so that we try and get the best results and make sure we improve all the time. Well in the order to make sure we stay true to the CrossFit methodology of “Constantly varied …” we are going to switch things up for a little bit.  Who’s excited?

Ok so starting next week we will start using another amazing athlete and coaches programming with the name of Rich Froning, the champ. You might have seen one or two items from his arsenal of awesomeness in the last week “Row Like Froning”

Now with any program, it takes time to start seeing the differences and performance improvements so please trust us and trust the process. Some days are going to suck and some days are going to be your JAM so hang in there!   Also, you will start seeing some optional work that you as an athlete can choose to do or not, these items are to be done after class / open gym as long as it does not interfere with regular classes and athletes.

RAGNARIANS – You will also start seeing workout options that you can do instead of the WOD that day, this is to add a smidge of running to your training that you might not have included till now.

As always you guys ROCK! And if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me or any of our coaches at any time.

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