The CrossFit Games Open
Two Thousand Eighteen

Apogee on Big Bend
Had athletes on scene

PR bell awoken
For new skills or clean

Fears and doubts broken
Great effort was seen

Some things unexpected
Some movements were new

No WOD was rejected
The members stayed true

All standards respected
Some chose to redo

The scorecards collected
What members could do

Cool sponsors and vendors
Had freebies to share

Knickerbocker’s pictures
Caught moments so rare

Like athlete endeavors
A pig in mid-air

Plus Apogee members
In a donut chair

Four athletes were chosen
To put on display

And moments were frozen
On the ‘gram one day

Each post with a caption
All thanks to our Jay

Even more emotion
From the Main site cache

Just for hilarity
There was No Rep Rex

Announcements were witty
Facebook Live finesse

All for the clarity
Hashtags in excess

Café for charity
Was quite a success

A big THANKS to Castro
The WODs pushed us hard

We helped each other grow
And let down our guard

We let each other know
Look past the Scorecard

Because success will glow
When done from the heart

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