The Legend of Don Moss and The Apogee Tribe

Before the sun rises each weekday morning, at the corner of the Kings Lake Center, a wall of windows reveals the early risers who are starting their day off with fitness. Less than five years ago, this corner slept in darkness until the later hours of the morning. What caused the change? Don Moss, a man with a vision, and that vision not only brightened the corner of Big Bend Road and Kings Lake Drive, but also brightened the lives of those who chose to walk through those doors and join the tribe- The Apogee Tribe.


Don Moss was first introduced to CrossFit in 2010, while he was serving in Iraq. Of all the WODs that Don could have stumbled into, his first WOD is one of the most grueling WODs known to CrossFitters- Fight Gone Bad. After the three rounds were up, and Don recovered from his WODirium, the makings of a vision starting to form within Don’s mind. Don wanted to show people how to become stronger, faster, healthier, and happier. Don’s vision was to provide a place where people could discover the warrior within each of them.

Once back in the states, Don earned his CF-L1 Trainer status. Soon after, Don started to help people positively recreate their lives by coaching free Saturday classes at the Panther Trace athletic field. These classes quickly grew in attendance, so Don decided that he needed to offer more CrossFit classes at another location. Don transformed the garage of his own house into a fully affiliated CrossFit box which grew with rapid success. Don then faced the realization that he needed a larger to facility to meet the needs of his members and provide the opportunity for more growth. The search for the right space led to Kings Lake Center, and that’s where Cross Fit Apogee’s roots took ground in December of 2013.

Now, close to four and a half years later, CrossFit Apogee continues to thrive at the corner of King’s Lake Drive and Big Bend Road. Since the first class was held, the Apogee Tribe has become a community of warriors. These warriors have conquered seen and unseen obstacles, all because of the tribe’s first leader who cleared the path before them. CrossFit Apogee members have wonderful stories to share of what they have overcome all thanks to the people they have met at the box. CrossFit Apogee is a place where accountability partners were formed, new friendships were made, and families developed new bonds. All of these advantageous rewards are the result of the vision of Don Moss.

Soon Don and his family will be starting a new journey away from the land where the Sandhill Cranes reign and the palm trees sway, but wherever CrossFit Apogee is represented, Don’s vision will shine. Whether at a road race, a CrossFit competition, or even a handstand walk at the beach…the Apogee Tribe is a reflection of the man who started it all.


Thank you Don. Thank you for all your pre-WOD jokes and morning class shenanigans. Thank you for your festive spirit and variety of costumes fit for every Apogee occasion. Thank you for the Donnick videos. Thank you for your coaching and encouragement. Thank you for sharing your vision with us. Thank you for your friendship. We will always be your Apogee Tribe.

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