Michael - Coach & Owner


Michael’s fitness journey started when he was six years old.  He played Rugby on a dirt pad with no shoes or any type of protective gear. Michael continued to play Rugby throughout his childhood and adolescence.  As an adult, Michael took up running. Then Michael decided to switch over to CrossFit in order to be a more rounded athlete. Through CrossFit, Michael fell in love with Olympic Lifting. Michael believes that people are designed to be productive and inspiring, so this belief is present in his love for programming WODs. Michael’s sincere passion to give back to the community is evident as he strives to help people improve their quality of life through CrossFit.


Michael CrossFits because…

As he pushes himself harder with every workout, Michael learns something new and acquires the knowledge that he still has yet to reach his full potential.

Michael coaches because…

He knows what it’s like to start at the bottom; Michael understands that it’s tough.  Michael realizes that some people need someone’s support and encouragement when they feel like giving up, and he is happy to be that person.

Michael’s most favorite CrossFit movement:


Michael’s least favorite CrossFit movement:


Michael’s cheat treat:

Chicken Wings & Ben and Jerry’s

Costel - Coach & Gymnastics Rock star


Costel has always been active throughout his life.  He played soccer as a kid; then he participated in martial arts for about ten years. One day he decided that he wanted to get in better shape as well as pack on some muscles.  This led to hitting the weights.  After six months of weight training, even though he was seeing incredible progress, Costel felt like he was getting disconnected with his body.  He felt like all the bodyweight movements were getting more difficult, so he switched to a routine that was entirely focused on calisthenics; he ditched the weights all together. In his search for a better exercise routine, Costel discovered CrossFit.  Once Costel became involved in CrossFit, the search for a better exercise routine was over.

Costel CrossFit because…

He thinks it’s the perfect marriage between barbell and bodyweight exercises. Costel likes the fact that the constant variation of the workouts and the movements always keeps one guessing, so there’s never a dull moment and always a great workout. Additionally, Costel feels that the CrossFit community is incredible, and it constantly pushes people to discover the better and stronger version of themselves.  To top it all off, Costel loves the competition aspect of CrossFit.

Costel coaches because… 

He enjoys guiding people through difficult movements and helping beginners with basic skills. Costel understands and appreciates the value a coach can bring to the table, and he wants to be that person for people who are seeking a healthier lifestyle.

Costel’s most favorite CrossFit movement: 


Costel’s least favorite CrossFit movement:

Handstand holds/walks

Costel’s cheat treat: 


Lisa - Coach & Nutrition


As a child, Lisa participated in farm league softball.  Toward the end of her schooling, Lisa joined the ROTC followed by the US Army, where she became more physically fit. Once out of the Army, Lisa discontinued regular exercise and began an unrestricted diet.  After reaching a weight of 200 pounds, Lisa understood the need for a healthier lifestyle. Lisa found CrossFit when looking to upgrade her fitness routine.  Lisa is now eager to share her knowledge of CrossFit and proper nutrition with other athletes in training.

Lisa CrossFits because…

She loves the universal benefits of CrossFit.  Lisa loves that elderly people can improve balance, traditional weightlifters can improve flexibility, and cardio addicts can build muscle. She also loves the tribe mentality and the camaraderie that the CrossFit community provides for its members.

Lisa coaches because…

She loves to see someone finally push past their mental roadblocks to test their physical abilities. Lisa feels that many athletes don’t believe in their abilities, and she loves to be the one to show them what amazing things they are capable of.

Lisa’s most favorite CrossFit movement:


Lisa’s least favorite CrossFit movement:


Lisa’s favorite cheat treat:

Homemade apple pie with homemade maple ice cream

Alex - Coach & Personal Trainer


Alex became a National Academy of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer in 2013. Alex started training clients in a couple of commercial gyms and also ran a few boot camp classes. After getting familiar with how things operated, Alex branched off and started to train people at their homes while also instructing boot camp classes in his local community. Around that same time, Alex joined a CrossFit gym and began attending classes regularly. He soon fell in love with CrossFit and hasn’t looked back.

Alex CrossFits because…

He feels that doing complex movements keeps things fun and interesting. Alex also feels that the CrossFit community is full of great people who push each other to be their best.

Alex coaches because…

Coaching gives him the opportunity to help people become the strongest version of themselves. Whether it’s conquering a fear of box jumps or nailing a heavy deadlift, Alex loves seeing the look on someone’s face after they accomplish a goal they have set.

Alex’s most favorite CrossFit movement:

Push-ups and double-unders

Alex’s least favorite CrossFit movement:


Alex’s cheat treat:

Donuts (bakers dozen, regular glazed)