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USA Weightlifting Sports Performance, 2016
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Michael Grant | Owner/Coach

I love helping people reach their goals.

My fitness journey stated when I was 6 years old, with playing Rugby on a dirt pad with no shoes or any type of protective gear. This continued till I left high school, after starting a family and moving halfway across the world I started my new fitness journey running like forest but switching over to CrossFit in order to be a more rounded athlete. (Forest stopped running after that 🙂 )

Been doing CrossFit now for over 5 years and also fell in love with Olympic Lifting and programming of workouts. This then lead me and my family to grab on to the opportunity to not only harness our passion for CrossFit but also give back to a great community and change as many lives as we can by helping people improve their quality of life.

Michael’s Rock Star Lift:

SNATCH ALL DAY LONG & Double Unders!
Michael’s Illusive Exercise:

Michael’s Cheat Meal:

Chicken Wings & Ben and Jerry’s


CrossFit Level 1 (CF-L1), 2012
National Strength and Conditioning Association Certified Personal Trainer
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Don Moss | Coach

I love people and staying in shape.

I enjoyed sports and fitness in school (football, track, baseball) and then stayed in shape through the regular avenues of running and weightlifting. But as I got older, I became increasingly bored with the routine and noticed less and less results. Lots of running and lots of lifting but the inches around my waistline were harder to control as I neared my late 30’s. I thought there was nothing I could do about it, that it was just the price of growing older. While deployed to Iraq in 2010, I was introduced to CrossFit through a friend and have been hooked ever since. Not only had I found a great workout program that was never boring and showed quick results, but it was while working out with an incredible group of positive, friendly and supportive people that I enjoyed calling my friends.

My next question was “How do I share this feeling with as many people as possible?” That’s where the idea for CrossFit Apogee was born. Even before retiring from the Air Force, my wife Tracy and I knew that we wanted to open a CrossFit gym and help people feel healthier, grow stronger and run faster, all in a great environment with great people. So we started a tiny affiliate out of our garage, coaching friends, neighbors and our kids, Amanda, Michael and Avery (who is only 19 months old but shows great promise! 😉

Almost immediately, we had to start a waiting list as our athletes, friends and families quickly noticed the results. So now our goal is to provide those results and that feeling of community to the Riverview, Apollo Beach, Ruskin, and Brandon areas. With our new facility on Big Bend Road, we want to provide everyone with a neighborhood fitness option that not only brings about incredible changes in the health of its athletes but also brings them together as a community, capable of incredible things.

Great things come from small beginnings. – Milo


CrossFit Level 1 (CF-L1)

Lisa Clairmont | Coach & Head of Nutrition

If you asked anyone who knew Lisa growing up, she would be the last person they would ever have expected to become a CrossFit trainer.

Tortured with farm league softball as a youngster, her Mom finally gave up the dream of her daughter being a jock. A couch potato through much of school she only became physically fit after joining ROTC and then the US Army. Once no one was paying her to run, she didn’t. After realizing that no exercise and unrestricted diet brought her to almost 200 pounds she woke up and started working out again.
Lisa found CrossFit when looking to upgrade her fitness routine; through steady gains and skill work she progressed to the point of feeling confident enough to share her knowledge with other athletes-in-training. She firmly believes that everyone is a peacock; you gotta let ‘em fly!

I CrossFit because

I really embrace the universal benefits of CrossFit, I love that elderly people can improve balance, traditional weightlifters improve flexibility, and cardio-addicts build muscle! I do have to say that the tribe mentality and camaraderie keep me coming back…well, that and the barbells. 🙂

I Coach because

I love to see someone finally push past their mental roadblocks to test their physical abilities. So many athletes don’t believe in their abilities and I love to be the one to show them what amazing things they are capable of!

My favorite “cheat” meal is

Homemade apple pie with homemade maple ice cream, at least it’s clean!

My secret ninja exercise is


My secret sucky exercise is

Pull ups


CrossFit Level 1, 2015 – CrossFit Kids, 2015 – CrossFit Judges Course
USA Weightlifting Sports Performance, 2015
USA Weightlifting Advanced Sports Performance 2016
Oly Concepts Olympic Lifting Seminar

Delio Cervera | Coach

I was introduced to Crossfit before it was mainstream in 2006.

A unit that I was in had an instructor come to our compound to train us. Since it was mandatory I hated it!!! In 2013 I was in leadership position in charge of 12-barrel chested freedom fighters all of which were WAY younger and fitter than me so I had to make a change.

At about that time I became a father once again and I realized that I needed to stay as fit as possible for my little ones. In 2015 I entered a quiet phase in my military career, which has given me the opportunity to give more attention to fitness and CrossFit.

Delio CrossFits Because: I love the competitive aspect of it, because I hate losing and for my family.

Delio Coaches Because: I love teaching, coaching, or mentoring. The look on someone’s face when that bulb turns on or when you help them achieve a goal, PRICELESS

Delio’s Rock Star Lift: Clean and Jerk, Snatch. I love Oly lifts!

Delio’s Illusive Exercise: Pistols

Delio’s Cheat Meal: Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza (when available!)


CrossFit Level 1 (CF-L1)

Mike Finley | Coach

I grew up playing sports and have been active in my military career.

But something was missing, I was tired of the same old Monday through Friday grind of chest, back, leg and arm routine. While overseas in 2013 one of my co-workers and current CrossFit Apogee coach Amber, kept “nagging” me to work out with her. I was working out on my own performing other high intensity workouts. Well, Amber was consistent with the “nagging” and finally convinced me to change it up and give CrossFit a try. Every since that day CrossFit has changed my life. Once I started I couldn’t stop. I wanted to know all of the movements and conquer them. She killed me in every WOD and all I wanted to do is get better and catch her. The variety of the WODs and competing against my peers is what drives me.

I CrossFit because:
I enjoy the constantly varied, high intensity functional moment aspect of the sport. It keeps me on my toes and ready for every.
I coach because:
I enjoy seeing athletes succeed and do things they thought they weren’t capable of doing.
My secret ninja exercise is:
Karate kicks, seriously it’s karate kicks.
My secret sucky exercise is:
Thrusters. NOT, everyone hates thrusters.
My choice of “cheat food” is:


Concept2 certified coach

CrossFit Level 1

Coach Andrew

I’m known as “The Rowing Guy”.

I am an on-the-water trained competitive collegiate rower and an all-around rowing geek. I have always been drawn to sports where the objective is to learn a specific movement and practice that movement to reach maximum efficiency and effectiveness. I have never really been too interested in team sports where the objective is to get a ball into a goal. As a child, I dabbled in Baseball and Soccer but neither really grew into a passion for me. My first real interest in sports was when I competed in High School Track & Field, in the Shot Put and Discus events.

My passion for rowing was sparked when I sat in a shell (boat) for first time freshman year at SUNY Maritime College in ’95. The rowing bug bit me then and I have been infected ever since. I rowed my 4 years of college and was an Assistant Coach my last year. Since graduating in ’00, I have satisfied my rowing fix on my Concept2 rower grinding it out in my garage and more recently, recreationally on the water with local rowing clubs here in the Tampa area.

I haven’t found an activity to rival my passion for rowing until I started CrossFit in summer of ‘14. Rather than learning and practicing one specific movement, such as the rowing stroke, I found that CrossFit offers countless movements to practice and improve upon. Because of my interest in the single movement sports, I’m somewhat of a stickler for form and technique rather than speed and being on top of the leaderboard. I believe the speed will come with progress in the technique.

Since being known as “The Rowing Guy” and happily sharing my love for the rowing stroke with whomever asks for pointers and tips on how to better their stroke, I decided to make it official and become a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and Concept2 certified coach. I look forward to sharing my love and passion of both Rowing and CrossFit with everyone who walks through the doors.

Quote: “Ready all…ROW!” – Coxswain

I CrossFit because:

Each WOD is a different challenge and CrossFit is the best hour of my day.

I coach because:

I like showing people rowing is actually enjoyable when done correctly.

My secret ninja exercise is:

Sumo Deadlift High Pull

My secret sucky exercise is:


My choice cheat food is:

Fudgy the Whale, Carvel Ice Cream Cake