Evening Apogee Tribe,

As we come to an end of our ‘Back Squat Cycle’, I can say with GREAT EXCITEMENT that we have had people already PR’ing their back squat! Even before re-testing their 1 Rep Max!  With that, we will be re-testing our Back Squat this week. So, whatever you do – don’t miss Tuesday! Let’s see how your hard work is paying off!

Now, the Big Question around the box is ‘Programming’ – Who’s doing it?… Where are we coming up with these workouts?… etc.  These are great questions, and it shows us that you as athletes are taking a huge interest in your own progress, as do we.

Just like other Great Coaches and Programs out there – we are programming for the soul purpose of making you get better at everything: inside and outside the gym.  The same as the Invictus, Bergeron, Baily etc. we run cycles (Back Squat, Snatch, Press…). These cycles take time, and it’s important to take our time to do these right.  As with any sport we have ‘In Season’, ‘Off Season’, and ‘prep’ for our grand finale – which is The Open.

At the end of the day, it comes down to trust. Trust the Program. Trust us as your coaches. And if you have any concerns please, come directly to me and let’s talk and clear up any questions you may have. Remember, we are an Open and Transparent Community. No secrets. If you want to learn how we program, and want to be part of the process let me know.

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