emmyThis event has now become a fundraiser for Emmy Chapman and her family. Emmy is the daughter of Coach Nic Chapman and Kelsey Chapman and has been battling worsening pneuomonia and fluid in the lungs for two weeks. She has been moved to a specialized children’s care hospital and costs are mounting. Please help us support Emmy and her family by participating in our LiftOberFest on Saturday, 15 October (details below). All proceeds from the event will go to Emmy and her family. Thank you! 

Dig the barbell? Just want to see where you are as far as the basic lifts? Like anything with “fest” in it? This is the event for you! 

On Saturday, 15 October, CrossFit Apogee will be hosting the 1st Annual LiftOberFest. LiftOberFest will test your 1RM for the Back Squat, Strict Shoulder Press and Deadlift. The workout will be followed by a tribe get together with Brats and Brews! 

Each “wave” of competitors will perform the following:
20 Minutes to establish 1RM of Back Squat
5 minutes rest and transtition
20 Minutes to establish 1RM of Strict Shoulder Press
5 minutes rest and transition
20 Minutes to establish 1RM of Deadlift

ANYONE can do LiftOberFest in an attempt to safely assess their 1RM in the 3 lifts. However, in order to be eligible for prizes, the athlete MUST meet the standards for each lift below. 

Back Squat – hip crease must be below knee level at bottom of squat and full extension at th top

Shoulder Press – Bar must come to shoulders on descent and then reach full extension above the head

Deadlift – Bar must start on ground and then hips, knees and torso much reach full extension with shoulders behind the bar when viewed in profile. 

Again, ANYONE can join LiftOberFest just to see where you’re at and join the Apogee Family in a great workout. 

In order to register and compete at LiftOberFest (or just to get the coolio limited edition T-Shirt) you must purchase a LiftOberFest T-Shirt or tank from the Apogee Online Store (link below). Store will be open through 1 October. 


*Athlete Safety Notice – At any time during your lift attempts, a Coach can ask you to cease from increasing weight on your lift if he/she sees unsafe form or technique (i.e. excessively rounded back on deadlift or torso leaning too far forward on back squat, for instance.) This will be done to ensure athlete safety/prevent injury. Getting injured chasing a 1RM is not the Apogee way… We dig you!



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