Ari. C | Member of the Month Nov 2015

What brought you to CrossFit? Me and my dad were tired of being out of shape. We’ve done different things througout the years like boxing, running, boot camps, home workouts and even personal trainers. Unfortunately, we could never stick to it. Always ended up...

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Julie | Member of the Month April 2015

Tell us your CrossFit Apogee story. When did you start at Apogee, how and why? We moved to Florida a year ago for my husband’s job. We decided I would be a stay at home mom until everybody got their FL bearings. I quickly lost my identity and spark in that role. My...

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Rose Mary | Member of the Month May 2015

What brought you to CrossFit? I honestly didn’t know what I was getting into. When I saw free classes on a “meet-up” site, I thought it’d be cool to try something new. I had never heard of CrossFit and thought it was some sort of pilates! Boy was I wrong – but I...

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