What brought you to CrossFit Apogee?

I came to Crossfit Apogee because I was becoming unmotivated and bored with going to the gym every day. I had zero drive or energy to get off the couch and work on myself. So one day, I made myself come in and join the party!

What was your first impression?

My first impression of CrossFit was “oh sh!t this is harder than it looks!” The people I met in the first few weeks were my kind of people..encouraging, full of energy, and just overall welcoming to a new face.

What was your first Bright Spot (or something you were happy you finally did)?

I would have to say I’ve had many first in the past two months but something I’m overall happy with is that I continue to impress myself each week. Whether it is a new PR, improving on my snatch form, or just not dying during a WOD that is tough.

How does CrossFit affect your nursing career?

Crossfit provides me with the strength, energy, and mental stability to care for my patients for three 12 hour shifts in a row. Bedside nursing can become very overwhelming mentally and physically, and it is vital that I can function at my best ability to help educate and care effectively for my patients each day. I also feel that it is very important to set a good example for them. You see a lot of health care workers that do not take the time to care of themselves like they care for others. Without the great community of Crossfit, I don’t think I could prevent myself from coming home to eat three dozen donuts and cry before bed after three consecutive 12hr shifts!

What is your favorite Apogee memory?

I would have to say so far my favorite Apogee memory is, watching my daughter enjoy the box and community of people like I do.

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