What brought you to CrossFit Apogee? 
I was inspired by some other Crossfitters transformational body changes such as my husbands cousin in TN and Reba’s (yes Reba McEntire) little sister Susie and both of them encouraged me to go. I have been battling many health issues since hitting my 30’s and also had gained more weight from the chronic fatigue than ever in my life and decided to do something DRASTIC about it. Working out at home as I had done in the past always lost its luster and I had never enjoyed the process. I only liked working or with a buddy but never could get one to stick around long enough to keep it going. The “group” setting was also a big part of the draw and they had child care options which was necessity for me. After 6-8 months of consideration and driving by Apogee I decided to take a leap and give it a try. 

What was your first impression?
I was anxious of getting hurt or agitating my already inflamed joints beyond what I could tolerate. I also remember thinking during my 1:1 on ramp wod of 5 RFT in round 3 that there was NO WAY I was going to make it to 5 rounds… but I did! That post wod feeling was the beginning of an addiction! Micheal was super encouraging and just a total believer in my ability to push through to the end even though I didn’t feel I would make it. It did take about 2 months before I felt like I could really stay with the class as I had become more comfortable with the lingo and had built up some endurance for the metcons.  

What was your first Bright Spot (or something you were happy you finally did)? A PULL UP!!!!!!!!!

What changes have you noticed in yourself since you joined the Apogee Family? 
More muscles of course and endurance for the HIIT style metcons. I can now run over a mile at a time consistently. I also notice better body mechanics when picking things up off the floor or pushing/pulling things at work or home because I’m using muscle rather than spine or joints. Biggest and best change is that I actually look forward to working out which has never happened for me in any of my past “workout” adventures which means this time it ought to stick! So far it has as this is month 10 for me of that Crossfit life.

What is your favorite Apogee memory? 

That’s a hard toss up. I will give you 2. My first MURPH and the sense of accomplishment I had after completing it considering I had only been at the gym a month or so and was still in the learning curve. I couldn’t sit down for a week after all those squats! The other was the ONE time I got my husband to come WOD with me in September as he is my ultimate buddy so I was in Crossfit heaven that day.

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