What brought you to CrossFit Apogee? 

I became friends with Don Moss when he was planning on opening Apogee. Don was always such a great person and I knew he would do a great job opening and running a gym so wanted to be apart of his plans for Apogee.

What was your first impression? 

It was fun seeing it built from ground zero, when the free workouts were outside. To see it transform into the gym was cool to see.

What was your first Bright Spot (or something you were happy you finally did)?

More of a bright spot for the gym was the 2014 open, it was the first open for the gym and for many at the gym.  It really helped bring the gym community together as a new gym.

How does CrossFit affect your nursing career?

Crossfit plays a big role in my nursing career.  I feel nurses should promote health and wellness and preventative health care and not just take care of the sick.  I do not feel that I can effectively take care of a patient, or educated a patient on what they should be doing unless I am taking the steps to take care of my health first and foremost. I see a lot of nurses that do not take the time to care for their bodies, and given the information they possess, I feel it does a disservice to the profession.  Patients see me and know that I take care of myself, and Crossfit has been vital for me.

What is your favorite Apogee memory?

Favorite apogee memory was when we put up the rig and all the equipment was delivered to the gym.  It was cool to see the space before it was set up and to have a hand in it was special.

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