What brought you to CrossFit Apogee?
Well, when I was younger I was super active, and I let college get the best of me and never really got back into any physical activities afterwards. We moved to Florida in February of 2015 and, working from home, I didn’t have the opportunity to meet people. Then, in August of that year, I was diagnosed with Stage 3C Ovarian cancer and had to do post-op chemo. By the time 2016 rolled around, I was in the clear and determined to become a healthy person again. Part of my draw to Apogee was the class atmosphere and the opportunity to meet people! Once I came to the trial class and learned more about Crossfit and saw that the class schedule had a perfect time slot for me, I was all in!
What was your first impression?
These people are pretty awesome, I think I could find some good friends here! They’re kind of bad-A too, I hope I can get to their fitness level!
What was your first Bright Spot (or something you were happy you finally did)?
My first bright spot was signing up and getting in the routine of coming to class! I’d never been a morning person until I got into the routine of attending the 6:00 am class, so obtaining that routine and sticking to it has become something I’m proud to say I do.
What changes have you noticed in yourself since you joined the Apogee Family?
Wait… you have muscles there? I love seeing new muscles start to develop and I am super proud of them! I’m stronger than I think I’ve ever been and am able to run like I did back when I played soccer. I’m more toned and therefore comfortable and confident!
What is your favorite Apogee memory?
Hands down, it was the Friday Night Lights for the 2016 Open. I had just joined only a couple weeks prior and decided to attend to see more of “what it’s all about” and to meet new people, that I wouldn’t normally see at 6 AM. Maybe I was a bit sensitive, but the amount of camaraderie, cheering, and support that went down literally got my misty eyed. I loved seeing the different people that were brought together! I was also able to meet people I wouldn’t have otherwise had the opportunity to, and am so thankful that our friendship started there!
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