What brought you to CrossFit Apogee? Andy and I missed interval training, and we were looking for somewhere close to home.  We like to work out together so we are push each other to go even when one of us doesn’t feel like it.  We had both stopped working out because our previous interval training owner had many personal issues and was very unreliable.  He had also moved so it wasn’t convenient for us. We checked out another CrossFit box, but didn’t get the vibe we were looking for.  They seemed geared towards competition only; something we were not interested in.  We saw the CrossFit Apogee sign, stopped in and everyone made us feel extremely welcomed.

What was your first impression? Well, Don has a pretty AWESOME personality!  We met him and both of us instantly liked him and felt like this was a guy who’s going to be dedicated and fun at the same time.  We weren’t thrilled about onramp, because we felt like we knew the lifts already, but boy were we wrong.  It was invaluable.

What was your first Bright Spot (or something you were happy you finally did)? I’m happy I’ve gotten a few double unders 🙂  Actually it’s probably being able to do a Toe-to-bar.  I can’t do many in a row, but I can get one or two, then have to go to knee raises.  Hopefully one day I will manage a pull up and a 20″ box jump…

What are you working on now? Stringing together double unders, higher box jumps, and pull ups.

What is your favorite Apogee memory?  The jokes of course!  There are so many.  The energy, spirit and genuine support everyone showed during the CrossFit Open.  The feeling that people are really happy to see you at 5 am Dawn Patrol.  My Dawn Patrol Peeps make it easy to get up at 0-Dark-Thirty.  Can’t ask for better people.  I love how we all push each other to go beyond what they thought was possible, even it’s only one more pushup.  I’m having some anxiety about switching boxes, because I am really going to miss the awesome people in Dawn Patrol.

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