What brought you to CrossFit? I had always been that person who loved lifting weights and running, just because I wanted to live a healthy lifestyle.  But I first heard about CrossFit when I was assigned with my unit at Virginia Beach, Virginia in August 2010.  I finally did a workout called “The Chief” with a bunch of fellow military members. It was challenging and fun and I was completely hooked at that point!

What was your first impression? My first impression was to wonder how these folks are able to do what they’re doing, especially with things like butterfly pullups. But the more I’ve done CrossFit and practiced the moves, the more I understand how efficient someone can be with moving their body and objects.

What are you working on now? I love the Olympic lifts so right now, I’m currently working on a better technique on my Power Clean and Split Jerk.

What is your favorite Apogee memory? Everyday in Apogee Box is a favorite moment.  Motivating and cheering on everyone to finish these challenging WODS, achieving personal goals or just seeing all these great people in here makes me happy.  One of the many things that I like about CrossFit is that no one alone.   Everyone is here helping one another, no matter the skill level, age, gender, or size.  CrossFit is truly a TEAM sport.

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