2018 CrossFit Games Open Format 

2018 CrossFit Games Open Format 

Hey Apogee Tribe! As in years past, we are going to have a great Open! This year, we are going to mix things up some to make things more interesting.


Register at games.crossfit.com


Complete the WOD independently during the regular class time on Fridays, or join a team and do the WOD during SaturdayShowtime!


Friday’s WOD will be the 2018 Crossfit Open WOD. If you want your score to count as an official score for the 2018 CrossFit Open, make sure you get a judge to complete an official 2018 CrossFit Open Score Card while you complete the WOD. Both you and your judge have to sign your Score Card for your score to count.

Apogee Teams or non-registered athletes that are part of one of the 2 teams below will complete the official 2018 CrossFit Open WOD during heats every Saturday or Regular class time providing they have a judge.


  • Dumbbells & Donuts
  • Barbells & Bacon

Team Points will work as follows:

  • 1 point for each team that completes a WOD
  • 1 point for an individual that completes the WOD as part of a team
  • 1 point for the team or individual that gets 3rd place during weeks 1-5
  • 2 points for the team or individual that gets 2rd place during weeks 1-5
  • 3 points for the team or individual that gets 1st place during weeks 1-5
  • 3 points for the team that wins spirit points for each week

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Apogee 6 Week Challenge

Apogee 6 Week Challenge


We are Ragnarians!

We are Ragnarians!

So this weekend was probably the most fun I have ever had running just shy of 16 Miles in rain, mud, rocks, grass and very swampy areas. But I could never have done it on my own or with another crew.

Our Apogee crew 24 runners strong and 5 support crew were there all the way. We picked up 2 runners from out of the Apogee Tribe that fitted right in with no problem what so ever. Some, you could say adapted ‘too fast’ – but it was amazing.

Some experience gained was that, we don’t need to be there the day before, and bring rain gear just in case!

Surprise performance was Livia and Janine running one of their legs at a blazing pace 20 min faster than we estimated!!!

Jason and Syed our only Non-CrossFitters did amazing! Jason ran with Jessica and they kept an amazing pace every time, Syed . . . Well not only did he run one of the fastest legs out of all three of our teams, but he also picked up an extra Red Loop at the end (And then proceeded to play ball with some random guy as they finished) Thanks guys!!

Team update – So we had 3 teams: Apogee 1 (Turbo) 2 (Isabel) 3 (Grace)
Turbo took an amazing overall 69th place last we heard, out of 244 teams.
Isabel & Grace did great! We pushed all the way to the end and we made it under the cut-off which, once you have done Ragnar, you know that is an accomplishment in itself.

Lastly, but probably the most important shout out here is our volunteers!

Mindy, Jay Kwellin (Jacklyn), Donald and Jeremy – You guys ‘saved’ and ‘cooked’ our Bacon all weekend long, THANK YOU!

These folks made sure we were on time for our loops. Hunted us down (Literally), tracked our times, cooked for 30 people, drove food in from home at 1:30 am, made us coffee, let us shower in hot water, did our volunteer shifts at Ragnar . . . the list goes on and on. But the point is that these folks did the stuff that no one really sees or even thinks of, and these are the things that will make or break a team.

Contact us anytime to get started!