Our CrossFit, 60 minute Metcon Pricing:

3 sessions per week (12/month):   $135 per month. 

Unlimited sessions per week:        $165 per month

We also offer CrossFit Lite which is a 45 minute conditioning programing that does not utilize the barbell:

CrossFit Lite is $99/month.  Only offered Monday, Wednesday and Fridays at 8 – 8:45 AM.

Let’s get you started…

1 – Text or call to schedule On-Ramp:   813-392-8686

2- Show-up, have fun, learn to move better…Graduate and Join the Gym (3 sessions per week, $135/month)

3 – Start attending class.  Also known as “the Best Hour of the day”  

That’s it.  So, just in case you missed it, Text or Call us at 813-392-8686 and lets get started! 


Drop Ins:

We welcome experienced CrossFit’ers to Drop-In.  Rates are $25 per visit. Hanging around awhile? A 3 visit one week pass is $60.

Contact us anytime to get started


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