Good nutrition is the baseline for any good exercise program and changes in your health and fitness.

Because of that, we are excited to now be offering our new Nutritional Counseling Program.

In our new program, we offer the option to meet with the consultant and plan out your nutrition journey.

Just check out the program for our nutritionist below and email or call 813-677-1234 anytime to set up your first appointment! ūüôā

Lisa Clairmont (Nutritional Counselor)

Lisa is an original Apogee member and a total brainiac on eating right.  She has run our last few EatFit Challenges and is one of our go-to staff members for all questions about nutrition.

Lisas programs are designed for anyone who is struggling with the concept of healthy eating as a part of their fitness program and/or would just like a second set of eyes on their diet in order to achieve their goals.

Lisa’s Programs and Prices:

The initial meeting will begin with a review of a your goals and an assessment of your current nutritional plan.  We offer a 1-hour Nutritional Consultation as well as 4 and 8 week Consultation and Monitoring programs.

During the 4 or 8 week program options you will receive:

  • A 4 or 8 week recommendation plan consisting of options on what to eat and how much per day, based on your level of activity
  • Weekly consults with our nutritional guide to help keep you on track
  • Access to a digital food log that will track your intake of calories and macronutrients as well as provide guidelines for healthy eating
  • Before & after photos
  • Before & after bodyfat vs. lean muscle composition measurements
  • Height and weight measurements

We are NOT certified nutritionists but have years of experience in providing guidelines and nutritional advice on what works for people with both normal and high metabolic rates.

You should ALWAYS consult your physician before changing your diet.

Because this is a new program, we are offering an initial discount on our Nutritional Counseling.

1-Hour Standalone Nutrition Consultation – $35 (Includes measurements, nutritional brief and nutrition gameplan)

4 Week program – $159 (save $25 vs. other nutritional programs)

$120 per person for you and a buddy 

8 Week program – $259 (save $50 vs. other nutritional programs)

– $220 per person for you and a buddy

If you and a buddy choose to do nutritional counseling consider our discounted rate!¬† We offer a discounted rate when you are counseled at the same time.¬† You will each still receive all the information, caliper testing, weigh ins each week, and individualized recommendations on how to best reach your goals, you’ll just have a larger cheering section and smaller bill.

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