Pure CrossFit

Offered 6 days a week, you’ll workout with fellow athletes under the watchful eye of a CrossFit Apogee Coach.

Workouts are scaled based on an athlete’s experience and abilities.

This class is the heart of the CrossFit community and incorporates elements of Strength, Power, Speed, Stamina, Accuracy, Agility, Balance, Flexibility Coordination and Cardio/Respiratory Endurance.

The beauty of our sport is that we are all in it together, motivating one another. It’s a sport where the person last to finish the workout receives more high fives than the person first to finish.

“Constantly Varied” means that every day brings a different workout (or “WOD”), incorporating any combination of these elements. At CrossFit Apogee you (yes, you!) will jump rope, climb ropes, swing kettle bells and flip tires. You will work at pull ups, muscle ups, hand stands, pushups, and hand-stand pushups. You will practice squats, dips, cleans, jerks, snatches and deadlifts as well as rowing, running and box jumps. Each day will bring different exercises always specifically designed to work on different muscle groups and/or cardiovascular strength. Can’t do some of the exercises above? That’s okay, because we can scale exercises to anyone, from a 4-year old to an 84-year old. You’ll be amazed how much progress you’ll safely make in a short period of time!

“High Intensity” is a concept that at first can be difficult for new CrossFitters to grasp. It is based on your capacity. As your ability to properly perform movements improves, so does your strength, cardio conditioning and speed. This allows you to complete workouts faster or use more weight. Form is the foundation, then competency and THEN intensity. For many people, a workout’s efficiency is only proportionate to the amount of hours spent in the gym. You will never hear a CrossFitter say, “I had a great workout; I was in the gym for four hours!” You are much more likely to hear, “I finished in 8 minutes.” People come here skeptical that a high-intensity workout, done in a fraction of the time as they are used to, can lead to faster, better results. But results don’t lie.

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