Yoga Crossfit Apogee


Crossfit Apogee follows the Yin Yoga practices of Yolanda Cate, certified yoga instructor and distinguished cross fitter!

Yolanda leads the class through many beneficial long-hold Yin yoga poses, working from easy to more challenging poses, providing explanations, then examples of how to hold the position, as well as its intended purpose.  All of these moves are designed to improve mobility by applying moderate pressure to the connective tissue of the body through various yoga poses. As with Yin yoga, the poses are held from 30 to 120 seconds or more, depending on the stretch.  

Each week our workout programing is composed and shared with Yolanda so she can select the most beneficial poses and routines for that weeks classes.  So do your body, and mind, a favor, after a hard week of fire-breathing, lifting and squatting with the tribe!  Let Yolanda, the Central Florida Throw-down Masters Champion of 2017, show you how to properly recover so you can do more great work next week! 

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