So, now that The CrossFit Open has passed, and we are looking to those ‘super athletes’ that are prep’ing for Regionals, I want us to look back a little and remember why we do CrossFit and what keeps us coming back for more…everyday.


During The Open we picked 2 athletes that we felt live all the values that make a great CrossFit Community, and keeps us all coming back for more. Always encouraging, always helping-out others in and out the box. They’re the ones who lets you know you are not alone in this, and the ones who will partner with anyone – no matter if you are an ‘elite athlete’ or just started on your fitness journey.

img_5393  img_5488

Now, these folks are not alone. We have many other athletes that live these values, and that is what sets Apogee apart from other boxes in the area. This is also one of the reasons we decided to be part of this community – The Apogee Tribe.

So, here is a challenge to the entire Apogee Tribe: be the ‘Spirit Of The Games’ each and every day. See someone you don’t know…say “hi!”. Partner with them during a Saturday Partner WOD. Help-out a fellow Tribe Member outside the box. Invite another person to try CrossFit and become part of The Apogee Tribe.

And one last thing…our Open Events would not have been as awesome without our sponsors that support us every year, and take care of our coaches. Which leads me to asking you to: drink a FitAID; get your Nanos on; or grab some Ten Products – snap a pic and tag #crossfitapogee #apogeetribe along with your brand to show them you appreciate their support as well.

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