chalk-handsAs you all know by now we have testing weeks coming up starting this Monday. We will be testing things like Squats, Olympic lifts, running, rowing and some benchmark workouts. Make sure you are in class for the next 2 weeks, YES 2 weeks!  We have a lot to test so we can start our training cycles.

The Process

We are going to start with a squat cycle and then progress from there.  Please keep in mind this is one huge science experiment.  We are all apart of the process and must give 100% in order to be successful.   Trust the process! We have amazing coaches and resources that are all working hard to help you improve at everything in the Box which will translate to how well you do things outside the Box.

Grand re-opening!!

Well the time has come to make things even more official.  We will have our ribbon cutting on Friday the 7th at 9:30 am right after the 8:30 class so join us if you can.  Then on Saturday the 8th at 10:00 am we will celebrate like only Apogee tribe can.

The Open

This was one of the craziest and fun times I have ever had! From 17.1 and all the burpees to 17.5 with dreaded thrusters and DU it was all amazing. The teams and this year the mini teams were just so much fun.  On Saturday the 8th we will announce the winning team and give out some fun awards. So be there and bring your smack talk as who knows who’s going to take home the title.

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